The regular 'spiel'

  • It is hand made
  • It is one of a kind or made in limited edition
  • It is a derivative of my original art
  • Everyone in the making of the article in question was paid fair price
  • I pay my taxes
  • I don’t cut corners
  • You are unlikely to see anyone else within your radius using/carrying/wearing the same product. Unless of course you bought two of the same limited edition set!!
  • And it is value for money

The 'real' truth

Everything written up there?

It is all true.

Here are the biggest set of reasons why you should buy an ArtbyAarohi product:

  • Because you keep an independent artist just that >> Independent
  • You help a small business succeed in a ‘mass produced’ world
  • Because you value hard work and artistic merit
  • We take our products seriously and continuously work into making them better. We are not looking to be in that 90% bracket of what everyone does. We want to jump to the 10% bracket!
  • Because you are willing to give a chance to some one to realize their dream and still pay it forward
  • Because for The Poonchh Collection – 50% of the profit DOES go to our four legged friends.
  • Because every time you buy something from this store – you give hope that dreams and hard work do pay off.

It is all true. It really is!