Best of the web :-)

I got an email from the editor of a blog called Pocket Change, asking permission to put my blog under a section called ‘Best of the web’. The answer of course, was obvious… 🙂

See the post here.

Pocket Change is a shopping blog directory and is part of the network.
They say – ‘If you’re looking for shopping advice from the latest in organic products to proper pet diets to trends & beyond, check out our niche blogs. Planning a trip? Find out what our customers deem the best options. Giving a gift? Track down the cheapest good quality stuff. Visit our shopping blogs for shopping tips, gift ideas, 2012 hot products, reviews & buying guides they’ll help you get the best deals around!’

Now I know, this might not seem to really align with what I do… but what closed the decision for me was the ‘Best of the web’ section itself, and the people and blogs that have been covered. The write up on each blog is short and sweet with a single image. I stumbled on many blogs that I did not know existed, and after having gone through them, I find myself having book-marked a few!!


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