I seek to express myself in everything I do as honestly as I can. To myself. I know where I take a short cut and I know where I labour over a detail because it has to be just right. It would be more accurate to say… I am a temperamental artist. I paint in many mediums and on many supports. But I also create in many ways and through many ways. Where ideas take form and fructify into something that is a joy to behold – for me. Sometimes it’s about the end goal. I know what that image will be and I am driven to create it just so. And then there are times when I don’t know the end goal and it becomes all about the means – the journey itself.

I paint, I sing, I quilt, I cook, I sew, I write. I love. I am all of that and more… and then some.

Come join me in my journey. It won’t be easy. I will drive you crazy at times and at others I will be mild and placid like the still waters on a calm lake. Don’t rile me, don’t push me, don’t cajole me, don’t distract me, don’t upset the balance. Join me as an observer, join me as a partner, join me as an equal but be prepared to take me on. I won’t be silent. I may scream, I may mark you, I may even wound you. But I promise to tend to those marks and wounds with more tenderness than you can imagine.

I told you I am a temperamental artist.

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