One of the things I want to focus on over and above my usual work, is to do something where I give back.

I am all for helping out and paying it forward. I don’t have money lying around to give away but I do have some skill that can be used to generate funds to help those less fortunate (at this moment in time) but more in need.

‘The Poonchh Collection’ is one such endeavor, an effort to help out and not give a hand out.
50% of all profits in perpetuity from the sale of this collection will go to support stray and abandoned dogs.

The proceeds from this collection will go to ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs‘ unless otherwise specified from time to time. You can read about our support here and here.

  • To learn more about the wonderful work that VoSD does, click here.
  • To read about the genesis of this collection, please click here.
  • To see styled images of the collection, please click here and here.
  • To see the awareness campaign posters, please click here.
  • To see the animation video on Animal Birth Control, please click here.
  • To see the dog portraits, please click here.
  • To see Kajal’s sketches, please click here.
  • To read about the making of this collection here.

We have also been able to help other organizations along the way- ‘The World for All‘ You can read about that here and here.
We participated in various exhibitons organized by the Precious Paws Foundation where the entry fee was given to them while the proceeds from the sale merchandize went to VoSD.
The last product and merchandize collection from Poonchh was given to CARE at cost. I am also happy to say that I donated 20 paintings to them to help in their Dec 2021 fundraiser.

Why Stray Dogs?

I love dogs. Given how difficult it is for me to keep a dog right now, I do the next best thing. I live vicariously through the lives of other friends who have dogs. One such friend who in fact inspired this collection and brought to my notice the plight of the stray dog is Rakesh Shukla.
Please read about the wonderful work that he is doing on My interaction with him led me to do a little active study online to try an better understand the situation of the Indian stray dog and I don’t like what I see.

I learnt about the many tales of hardship a stray dog goes through with life on the street, apathy from organizations and general lack of awareness to their needs. And I feel that a more comprehensive program for spaying and neutering will go a long way in helping a stray dogs life on the street. So I decided to start doing my part to help out by generating funds towards the cause of the stray dog.

I have had the opportunity to extend support to others earlier. Those endeavors I am happy to say were successful. You can read about them here, here, here, here and here.

6 thoughts on “Poonchh

  1. Shreelata says:

    Hi! Great collection. But was wondering how do we go about buying .I so badly want to pick a few pices from the poonch collection for a dear friend who is crazy about her pet dog !

    • Aarohi Singh says:

      Hi Shreelata,
      The Poonchh Collection will be available for sale at the 100Ft Boutique from later this week. Alternatively, send me a mail with what you need ad we can take it from there.

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