The Economic Times – March 2017

Sustainability is the buzz word for everyone today and so it should be. We are consuming our planet at a frightfully stupendous pace!

To be asked to give a sound bit on the subject was a no-brainer.

I try and re-cycle, re-use where ever I can. If I can value add or up-cycle then I will always take that route. But I don’t start with that premise. I would like to believe that has something to do with the quality of the end product that goes out of my studio. What separates a ‘finished product’ from a craft piece or DIY done for fun is the thought behind the product and the degree of finesse involved. I think of the end product, it’s form, function etc and then decide where I can re-use, up-cycle etc.  60-80% of the finished product that goes out of my studio is made as sustainable as possible. But sadly due to a lack of marketing budgets, only about 40% of my clients know and appreciate that the bag they buy is not only good quality, made with attention to detail and hands on craftsman ship but is also sustainable. But I live in hope that over time all my customers will get to know the value of what they buy when they buy handmade from us at ArtByAarohi.

Thank you Divya J Shekhar for that sound bite reaching Economic Times…

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