A work in progress..

I am currently painting the front of a cupboard for Tanya’s room. It’s huge at 4’x6′!!

After a lot of thought, many fights with the carpenter and polisher…the work has finally started. Actually, it got delayed by a couple of hours because of me too….I got nervous! Then after a deeeeeep breath, the clouds parted and I got to see a clear picture of how the cupboard will look. I am posting a few pictures for right now. There are three additional drawers that I haven’t started yet.

Mind you, the entire cupboard is being done with a number 4 soft sable brush….so yes…. it’s gonna take a while.

Working to music...
Working to music…

8 thoughts on “A work in progress..

  1. Dr.charu says:

    dear aarohi ji,
    i just loved ur work……………
    i really appreciate the creativity you have within u
    esp. i love ds painting

  2. pooja says:

    Hi Arohi,
    your work is stunning! i really like ur bold use of colours. i live in mumbai and would like to know if your work is available here.

  3. Amita Singh says:

    too good. I am following up your work for quite a long time. and totally amazed with the creativity which you are having. Great!

    Which colors you have used for painting this doors?

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