A box for Sanjana

Some commissions take you out of your comfort zone. This box for Sanjana, was a little like that. Now I have painted Memory boxes before, but this one was done after quite a long break from that style so it took a little while to get comfortable with it again.
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Her partner wrote to me on Instagram and gave me the low down on her. Both he and Sanjana like my work and so he wanted to surprise her with a painting from me. But the list of things he wanted included was a little too much to incorporate into a traditional portrait. So I needed to get creative.

This box has a portrait of her and her dog on the top, the sides depict her love for plants and her house is a veritable summer garden. The cat is a reminder of the time she rescued one, who has since healed but still comes back every once in a while demanding food. She is an emergency physician and has had a tough time these past months dealing with the onslaught of Covid. So that too finds a place on the back of the box.

Her favorite color is purple. You can see that on the top as a halo around her and on the purple stethoscope he gifted her 🙂 (And the box I used is up-cycled. Just saying!)

I leave you with the clients reaction 🙂

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