Ufffff, he quit his job!!

Mr. Tom, that is!

So on Aug 5th, 2009. I get an email from one Mr.Tom who works in the Visual Team at The Future Laboratory.

This is what he had to say-

“I am contacting you from The Future Laboratory, a leading trends and insights consultancy. We are interested in featuring some of your designs in a report we are writing studying global trends. The Future Laboratory is a well-respected trend forecasting company which produces several industry related publications: THE magazine, Viewpoint magazine, LS:N and quarterly futures books focusing in on the future of specific industries such as food, luxury and retail. I have attached some additional information about Viewpoint magazine, and our website LS:N Global. I am wondering if you could send us a small selection of high res images of your work (300 dpi) please  including  your Chequered Past Kettle……”


So as you can imagine, I scrambled and did the needful and promptly forgot about it!!  🙁

Yeah…I know, daft of me to forget. But…

Now, turns out that Mr.  Tom has moved to greener pastures and the company takes out multiple reports every month/year. So they have to trawl through all that data to find my report. And the task is harder as they don’t know what keywords it’s referenced under.

So I can’t actually post the report or even a picture from it just yet….but I can share this little nugget of news with you 🙂

Update- Oh! and as I just found out…some of their reports are licensed at about 2500 pounds each !! So I don’t think they will allow me to post the report after all !!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Ufffff, he quit his job!!

    • aarohi says:

      It is my work and they have given me credit for it. But, the entire report is their IP. As soon as they find the actual report…I can probably give it’s name or an image of my work in it. But, I cannot publish their report.

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