VoSD 3015- Doggie portraits again

July. It is time for that mid-year review.
At the beginning of the year I said – “I have just one agenda for this new year. To paint every day. Something. Anything. Good. Bad. Even ugly. But consistently. To do something creative everyday. 365 days.”
And I am happy to say that I have been able to stick to that resolution for the most part.

I also started this year paying it forward to my four legged friends. I do so again with 15 new paintings. Like the many times before, this entire set of doggie portraits is my gift to ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs‘ (VoSD) as part of their VoSD 3015 Fundraiser .  As always for the Poonchh Portraits, I take one rupee per portrait and the rest of the money goes to the dogs. This time I added 15 hugs to the deal too. What can I say I am greedy that way. Besides the dogs hug you like there is nowhere else in the world they would rather be than in your arms at that moment. I feel the same way. The Poonchh Collection is my  labour of love. It is something that I do only for love. As selfless as I know how.

I tried something different this time. I painted on red thick card stock paper with acrylics. And was it hard! The first few layers just soaked right in, just like that first experiment on plywood. But I persevered and am quite satisfied with the results I might add.

These paintings are available on the VoSD Face Book store. To buy please click here. Though a few have already been sold from this lot. At last count – we raised about INR 80,000/- from the sale of seven of these paintings. So I am over the moon 🙂

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