Voices in my head

I love writing.

Little thoughts that enter my mind- ideas, possibilities, dreams, desires, hopes… I have been documenting those random thoughts over the last couple of years on little bits of paper, on the margins of writing pads and so on. Some I posted as notes on Facebook. But, there were still others that I did not post anywhere.

Then, I created a page here on my blog and started putting them down. The section was password protected for a while. I just changed the visibility setting

You can read it here.
I would love to hear your thoughts on the same. I hope my words strike a chord in your heart/mind.

I also love dogs, actually animals. And predictably, growing up I wanted to be a zookeeper or a dog doctor 🙂
I am currently working on a project to help generate funds for an organization that will spay and neuter stray dogs.  More on that later. The following are two articles I wrote on strays.

…every life has value

Bite- Fight- and Property right.

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