The Sunday Standard – March 2013

‘Kitsched’ – Yet again!!

…but this time it’s my point of view.
Thank you Manjul Mishra for the write up in the March 10th issue of ‘The Sunday Standard‘.
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This was my two bit in response to –
What do u think of kitsch as a design trend?
How best do u think kitsch should be used in a home?

Kitsch as a design trend is somewhat misleading. That is because what is being defined as kitsch today covers a HUGE spectrum from things that actually qualify as ‘kitschy’ and live up to the true dictionary meaning, and those that are not kitschy at all. But they get labelled as such because they use popular culture and iconography to communicate a thought, mood or statement.  Having said that- the trend is here to stay. Especially as it incorporates so much of what ‘Young India’ identifies with.  What will change however, is it’s interpretation and application. I think in some time, the whole genre will get refined to suit a taste that is classic and not ‘garish’ or ‘in your face’. I can already see that happening.

I think if one uses what is  termed as kitsch today, then one must do so with a tad bit of restraint. Just one or two pieces that are eclectic and quirky are enough. The rest should be neutral in composition. I say composition and not colour here. By that I mean if you have ten cushions that all have text on them or some catchy phrase- it’s over kill. Have one or two and the rest should be colours or patterns that pick up from the first two or contrast with them.

I feel to be able to successfully carry an interior decor that incorporates multiple pieces of ‘Kitsch’ art would either require a theme or a very strong personality 🙂

I once wrote a paper as back ground research for a magazine on Kitsch/ Art/ Design and all that. Maybe I should share it here one of these days. You think I should?

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