Femina – August 2014

My work and I feature in the August 2014 issue of Femina. This time I am in august ‘er’ company.
Shubra from Chumbak; Karishma Shahani, a fashion designer; Ruby Hebrom, a publisher; Vinita Sidhartha from Kreeda  and Guneet Monga a film producer.


( I love that they used my art to fill up the word ‘re-discovery in the title of the story. With my love for connections and memories, my work on this word is almost serendipitous.)

I got an email a few weeks ago from Rajashree about wanting to do a feature on my work for the August issue. She tells me that Femina is going to feature six women inspired by India and I am ashamed to say that my cynical self came to the fore, I had this déjà vu thingy happen- ‘Ok – so yet another feature on ‘kitsch’.

But wonders never cease. Rajashree asked me the most basic questions and said she would get the rest from my blog/website. She said that my philosophy in life and work came through very well across the blog. Thank you so much Rajashree Balaram for a really balanced write up on my work. I do appreciate the effort you took to actually go through my site 🙂

ArtByAarohi-femina-AUG2014-cover    ArtByAarohi-femina-AUG2014-article

3 thoughts on “Femina – August 2014

  1. Alinna Arora says:

    Hi Aurohi- it was really wonderful to read about your escapade in the field of art – you still seem to be quite the same as you were during the good old days in hindu college – extremely talented and your own woman – way to go!

    • Aarohi Singh says:

      Oh good lord! I have often wondered about you. I still remember the hard core tutorial writing you and I did. Oh! I have missed you my friend. And I also remember you were were very creative too- the little doodles with your thumb impressions 🙂

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