Coloured hands

That very rare occasion when it isn’t paint that’s coloring my hands…
…Henna/mehendi. It is so mesmerizing to see someone apply mehendi instinctively. There was no pre-planning, no structure and no fear. The mehendi cone was an extention of her arm which seemed to be an extention of her mind. Free flow of form and lines. Something to learn there. Painting faces – both animal and people – tends to box an artist in to a pre-set motion of sorts. There is structure that needs to be adhered to especially if one is trying to capture a ‘likeness’ of the sitter.
This was just joy in creativity. Doodling. Zentangling actually.
I feel like going back to school so to speak. To get back to studying my art. After a lot of thought and much mental masturbation I have come to the conclusion that if the ‘painting’ part is not going well or often enough then all other forms of creativity tend to leave me a little unsatisfied. The other day I was telling a young woman the pro’s and con’s of going to an art school. And I realized that I miss it. For the commraderie, feedback and the forced discipline of riyaaz every day.
Over the years my riyaaz has slackened with life taking over. And I have let it.
So earlier this year I made a decision to paint a little something as often as I can and to just create. I want to try and get back to my core. To practice, take notes, learn more, interact more and produce more!! Wish me luck in my journey.
I leave you with a link to another version of my coloured hands 🙂

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