The Blue Period

I do believe that one can learn a lot from just plain observation. But observation with purpose is the goal – where the goal of learning something is front and center. That is also why I do progression videos of my work.

I look at and study the work of many artists. One such artist is Ceaser Santos. I love his work and his dedication to his craft. Do take the time to look at his work especially the paintings that fall under syncretism. Ceaser has wicked tongue-in-cheek humor which is delightful to say the least 🙂 And in one of his documentaries he has a picture of him with his very first painting. It shows a small boy standing with a painted cartoon figure on a wall behind him. Guess what? I started pretty much the same way 🙂 With cartoon figures peppered all over my room walls.

Some years ago my husband Supreet Singh had live streamed an INK conference where Mr Arunachalam Muruganantham talked about his quest to make low cost sanitary pads and the very real uphill task it was. Recently a movie was made about the same as well. And many celebrities took to Facebook and Instagram to show themselves holding a sanitary pad to highlight the need for low cost pads and more so for them to be made widely available. Given all the hype with ‘Padman’ I thought it appropriate to post this work of Ceaser’s. Painted while he was still in college I believe studying art history and learning from the work of the great masters. Not sure of it’s painted in Acrylics or Oils…

It’s titled – ‘Picasso’s Blue Period‘!! 🙂


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