Creativity and Quarantine – Possibilities of Fusion in Writing

Adversity does not change who you are. It reveals ‘exactly’ who you are. Then you get to decide who you want/are going to be…

Living in a quarantine situation (whether alone or with extended family) will exacerbate latent qualities in a person. One gets to see leaders, followers, the resilient, the adaptable. One also sees the whiners, the insecure riddled with fears and anxieties.

I am not a writer. But I see potential for a book/screenplay from each family /set sitting at home in quarantine. I also use ‘home’ loosely. Given home could be pipe or a palace.

But human emotion is the same.
Imagine multiple story lines with overlapping characters.
Or mini stories which are complete story plot lines in themselves. Think the new 18 min Devi or Lust stories etc.
Or imagine one central point/place in common or somewhere all disparate characters connect for a short time and go back to their lives such as they are.
Or talk about the fears and insecurities or egos that come up when living in close confines.
Or talk about who handled adversity and in what way and who crumbled completely in spite of always having been perceived as something/someone different.
Or make it a series of stories about triumph over the human condition . If you must then make it about failing and letting chance and ‘God’ have his way.

It’s all been done before in some format or the other. As they say there is no originality anyway. I am asking let’s try something with our respective perspectives attached. Our voices.

We could make it a chain story across multiple authors. It could be terribly tiny tales of sorts. It could be the same story, the same characters sketched out very sketchily and then let loose with multiple people to add their perspectives. It could be poetry or photography. It would be a sociological snapshot of urban India in 2020 during what is an unprecedented time in history.

All in all I think it could be very interesting. I have so many creative friends – writers, poets, film makers, lyricists. Come on. Let’s do this. It will be fun if nothing else.

I am hoping to give fodder to myself and my very talented and creative friends with little plot lines. Write to me if you would like to take this further. Maybe nothing will come of it.  At the very least, it will help pass the time while keeping our grey matter occupied with some colour. We’ve got at least 19 days to give it a go. Maybe more.

I’ve got idea’s to do with actual colour and art/painting as well 🙂 Will share that once I have a framework sorted out.

I am hoping to do a very different take on ‘The Fusion Projects‘.

The Fusion projects is an initiative for collaborative experiences with others across genres and mediums. If you think there is anything you and I could work on which would benefit from both our combined experiences/skill sets/ vision than write to me at [email protected]

You can see additional posts on what has already been done as parts of ‘The Fusion Projects’  here.

I ask that you tag  you creative project with #mylockeddownview #artbyaarohi #thefusionprojects and #aarohisingh. This mainly so all the stories/photography/poetry is is searchable under one set of tags.

Please do share these with me as well so I may share them further through my pages and social media handles and my website as well.

Note – This edition of ‘The Fusion Projects’ is an attempt to get everyone to collaborate at this time of lockdown. It does not have to have me – Aarohi Singh or even ‘ArtbyAarohi’ as an integral part of the fusion. It’s hoping to use creativity to get through this difficult time.

(The image used on top is from the website And is a detail crop of an image by Julia Joppien)

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