Denim Jacket redone

This denim jacket got a new lease on life a few weeks ago. My daughter and I were in quarantine as we both tested positive for covid. And after the first 4-5 days of being totally miserable with full-on symptoms, we were well on the road to recovery. But still in isolation which meant I could not go to my studio to paint. So out came a couple of jackets that needed some sprucing up. This one belongs to a client and her only instruction to me was – “Do something to it.”

She loved the entire Chindi collection I had done a few months ago by using the tiny pieces in my cloth stash. You can see some pieces from that collection here on Instagram – @studio.artbyaarohi. So, I decided to use those on this jacket as well. And of course, my trusted Koi Fish for good luck. Needless to say, she loves the jacket 🙂 and this commission came on the heels of a pair of denim jeans that I worked on with patches pieced together with chindi in the studio.

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