American Eagle Jeans with a desi twist.

After all the work I did with the chindi piled up in my studio with the last collection for the @studio.artbyaarohi label, I got a call from a long-time friend and client. She had bought a pair of @americaneagle jeans online that were white distressed denim. It is only after she received them that she realized that the distressed part was a bit too much and she would not be comfortable wearing them out as is. So, the jeans came to me to patch them up.

She is a fantastic client to have. She tells me to “Do anything Aarohi”, time is never an issue with her, and she tells me her budget range up front. Makes the whole process so much easier and more fun. I of course always send work-in-progress pictures and ask a gazillion questions, but it all works out in the end 😊 She is now wearing them to the office!!

American Eagle jeans with a desi twist.


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