In Outlook Lounge and Elle Decor

Yah, I know there seems to be more press information and less work showcased. Actually, truth be told, I am grateful to god. I have had great response to my work and almost all of it has sold out. That was the good part.
But, the last couple of weeks  I had the beginnings of an artists block so I just took time out to chill and rejuvenate. It helped that my daughter started school and I had to sit outside her school for a few weeks to help in the ‘settling down’ period. I also did not want to create something just because I knew I could sell it. So I spent the time working on some new ideas, some pen and inks and some sketches for future paintings. As and when they are complete, I shall post them.

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3 thoughts on “In Outlook Lounge and Elle Decor

  1. Gusty says:

    I was there when waiting for the us was being made by then very young aarohi. whom did you sell it too. i am seeing some inks in the ante room of KKD is it yours ?

  2. Shubhi says:

    What a beautiful talent you have. I loved all your paintings/art on different materials.
    I would love you visit your next exhibition/shop. Would you please tell me where can I find your shop?

    • aarohi says:

      Hi Shubhi, Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. I don’t have a shop. I do hold exhibitions on and off at various stores and galleries. I mostly retail out of my home- studio directly. Let me know if you like something specifically. Will definitly let you know of my next show as and when it happens.

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