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I have been busy with a lot of stuff over the last month. But, I did find some time to paint. These new pieces have been added under the ‘Kitsch’ section. There are also three new paintings added to the ‘Watercolour’ section. And I finally updated the ‘Furniture’ section.

Yes! I have been busy.

I also thought I would leave you with a few images of the plants I have around the house.

(Note– The sadhu/levitate bucket and the planter with green leaves is not for sale. These were made for my home.)

And here are 2 mixed media/collage flowers that I did a while back. They are now in my son’s room.

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    • aarohi says:

      Hi Beena, thanks! You can buy my work directly from me. I work out of my home studio in Bangalore. I retail out of some select places for a limited time on an exhibition basis. Currently some of my work is in the maximum store in Delhi. Hope that helps. Cheers and have a great day.

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