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I got a call a few days ago asking me to judge an all India inter-college competition on Communication Design. Imagine my surprise and delight!  I said YES. Of course.
The rest as they say is history. It has been a wonderful few days. I am amazed at the talent out there. To see the degree of detail and thought that young college kids  can come up with. Some of the participants had never even heard the term Communication Design. 
Oh, and I also had to speak  for ten minutes on ‘Art as communication’. Which I did. Though it was a bit more then ten minutes. It was a load of fun with a lot of audience participation.

I was certainly in august company. My fellow panalists/jury and speakers were-

‘Communication Marries Technology’
Sandhya Prasad
, President, STC (India)
Director of Information Development, BEA / Oracle Systems

‘Communication in a multi-cultural context’
Arundhati Ghosh

Founder, India Foundation for the Arts & Lead India Campaign participant

‘Communication as an Employability Enhancer’
Prof Pankaj Gupta
Director, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (Bangalore)
Former Prof at IIM-K and IMT,
Fulbright Visiting Research Scholar, Ohio State Univ & University of Washington
(Unfortunately, he was unable to make it for the event)

I almost forgot to mention the contest itself. To design a poster, brochure and user guide for the Apple ipod touch. And yes, the winning team got one for each participant as the grand prize!! Boy, were they over the moon.
You can read about it here and here.

The event was organised and hosted by ‘The writers Block’

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