Workshop with CKS

On August 13th 2009, I participated in a workshop for Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS), a design research and innovation firm based in Delhi and Bangalore.  The project was for a very popular brand of wall emulsions and paints- their 2010 catalogue. For NDA purposes I am as yet not allowed to disclose the specific names. But, I am working on that!!

“The catalogue” 2010, is an annual color forecast study conducted by CKS Consulting for the said paint brand. In this research, CKS interacts with various individuals related to different fields of design. They invite design professionals to participate in a collaborative workshop with CKS and a specialized color team to review a mix of new visual data. Based on this review, the designers work with the CKS team to generate various themes that may emerge and with the assistance of the color consultant to define these themes with associative color palettes as well. In these workshops, six design professionals are invited at a time either from the same or varied discipline in order to create a collaborative atmosphere where creations of each designer are peer-reviewed and finessed in the course of the workshop. The purpose of these interactions is to understand what inspires these designers to create the themes they choose and how they translate a concept into an actual theme with thoughts around color, material, and forms. In order to try an learn about the various societal factors, design trends, and influences which these designers choose to represent in their themes. The outcomes of these collaborative workshops are analyzed for how the themes have been built, recurrences and deviations and key design influencers in terms of color, form, and material for the interiors industry for the upcoming year.

Needless to say, it was great fun to do and also a wonderful learning experience.  I leave you with a few images from the workshop.

P.s- It’s Asian Paints and their ColourNext 2010 Catalogue.

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