All for a reading..

This is a table base for my friend Divya Sharan. She is into alternative systems of healing – Reiki, Angel, Pranic and so on. She wanted something that she could use for her Tarot readings. The only request she had, was that it needed to have a lot of blue if possible and angels.

This is what I came up with. I hope she likes it. It will have gold tassels on the four corners and hopefully a blue-green hued brocade table cloth to go under the main piece. This Canvas is approx. 36″ by 36″.

Oh! and this was done as payment for a Tarot reading she did for me. Everything she said would happen, is happening…

4 thoughts on “All for a reading..

  1. Dharini says:

    Hey, I was just bloghopping when I stumbled upon ur awesome blog! I would love to know, how I can order for stuff from you. Do let me know, would love to pick some things up! 🙂

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