Item Bomb

My friends Awanish and Divya wanted me to “do something” on a 30-year-old table they had lying in the house. I decided to truly jazz it up. 🙂



I happened to be watching TV while mulling over what to do. I realized that most people today would spend time mindlessly watching ‘dhin chak’ items songs but would probably not sit through a serious classical dance performance. And the Item Bomb table was born. It depicts pictures of Bollywood actresses in snazzy item song snapshots in the center while the periphery is made up of a string of traditional dancers. Dancers who have been sidelined, so to speak.
This was done almost two years ago. Dug up the pictures to show you. Not the best picture quality… I have been asked to make table lamps on the same theme!!

1 thoughts on “Item Bomb

  1. Awanish says:

    Stays at the centre of our family lounge, you see!
    I will get Sneha and Siddarth sit on it and get their pictures clicked… the same way as I was clicked when i was 3 years old.

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