It’s almost all gone!!

I spent an absolutely delightful morning at Kynkyny Art Gallery here in Bangalore.
The occasion? A coffee morning for a select few of the gallery’s patrons. They came to watch a demo by two noted artists- JMS Mani and Sivabalan. Mr. Mani did a quick demo of an oil painting and Sivabalan, a quick one in watercolours.
Me? I was just there to be introduced to the crowd. Mind you, this crowd paid good money to be present at the gallery today. So it was not your usual hoity-toity bored women’s coffee morning! (Thank god for that) … Actually, there were a few men too.



I also spent time talking to Namrata and Vivek. The husband-wife duo who own and manage the gallery. Namrata gave me a lot of useful information on art and how the art market functions. Whereas Vivek gave me a fascinating insight into his work as a furniture/ industrial designer. He also manages and helps productionize lace fences. Google it! It’s amazing work. And all of this world-class work is done right here, outside Bangalore.
Now the good stuff.
I was asked to get a small preview showing of my work ready for this morning. Which I did. In record time, mind you.
Yes! you guessed it. It’s nearly sold out. And in one hour!!  🙂 Oh! and lest you think I am materialistic. Nah!  ( a huge chunk went to the gallery towards their commission) and ten percent of all sales and the entry fee went to charity. See. I told you it gets better. 🙂

These are some of the guests with what they bought.

So do you blame me if I look like the cat that swallowed a very juicy canary?

I leave you with a few  more pictures. They say pictures speak a thousand words. Hmmm.. maybe that is why I am an artist..huh…well we can save that for another post.


P.s- A dear friend does call me a billi ( cat). I think the exact words were from the song written by Gulzar saab for Saat Khoon Maaf- ‘kanche maare, billi jaise aankhon wali, ek meow si ladki!”</em/div>
Translation for my non Hindi speaking friends- ‘ she hits me with marbles, this cat-eyed meow girl’.

8 thoughts on “It’s almost all gone!!

  1. Sangitha says:

    Hey, Aarohi!

    Have been lurking and loving the art here for some time. Do know that you are my daughter’s inspiration and she goes off to sketch her own ideas after she sees some pictures here. It also helps that you are a classmate’s mom! 😀

    Love the work you are doing with NGOs. God knows they need fundraising support. Shall want one teapot when I figure out where it will go in our place! 😀

  2. Supreet says:

    I usually don’t want to write goody-goody things about your art cause I am (and always will be) your biggest critic. 🙂
    but DAMN… this is awesome!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU… :-))))

  3. Deepa Gopal says:

    Hi Aarohi
    This is my first visit here…have been going thru ur works…and am in AWE!!!!
    With such wonderful creations u’ve inspired me to do some art today…
    Will be coming back for more…
    Best wishes
    Have a gr8 day!

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