Bloggers Meet – Good Homes Magazine Oct-2012

I had the absolute best time at a Bloggers lunch hosted by the entire team of Good Homes Magazine on 29th August 2012. The venue was the Jamawar at the Leela Palace Hotel in Bangalore and the food was par excellence… but that is not why the afternoon was a grand success.

I finally got to meet the various people of the Good Homes team that I had thus far only interacted with over mail or the phone. Wonderful and warm people. And Ronitaa the editor, was one of the few people who I have met who was warm, affectionate and unassuming. The icing on the cake was meeting 11 other bloggers from Bangalore who blog across categories from food, interiors to art and design. All in all a very satisfying afternoon it was!!

Here are a few pages from the October 2012 issue of Good Homes Magazine that show you pictures of the setting and the people. Oh! and the Theyyam painting got featured yet again in the pages of the same issue. I am thinking it is time I gave them some other paintings to feature 🙂



3 thoughts on “Bloggers Meet – Good Homes Magazine Oct-2012

  1. Chandan says:

    Hey Aarohi, This looks like a whole lot of fun.. would like to see bigger pics if possible.. ( Just to look closely at the Theyyam guy 🙂
    I missed the one these guys did in Mumbai unfortunately 🙁

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