Kala Ghoda 2013

Kala Ghoda
as a festival was not as awesome as I expected. Maybe it was that I had heard so much about the place, that nothing could have actually lived up to the image I had in my head. Having said that, it still was wonderful. I got to meet Neil Dantas and see his work up close and personal – a man whose graphic sense is something I have always admired. Yuti Shah Edward and Atul Edward of Udd – with a riot of color and enthusiasm. I saw work of people that was so far only visible on their Face Book pages. I missed seeing Karthik Vaidyanathan  of Varnam as I had to leave Mumbai the day he set up shop.

Some thrilled and others disappointed.

I finally got to meet Ruchi Nadkarni and her team of volunteers from World For All. ‘The Poonchh Collection‘ was available and retailed through her stall at Kala Ghoda. We raised  approx 14,000/- INR for the dogs 🙂 which is always a good thing. As you all know, 50% of the profit from the Poonchh Collection is earmarked for the welfare of stray dogs. This time the money goes to both ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs‘ right here in Bangalore and to ‘The World for All‘ in Mumbai.

I leave you with some images of the installations at Kala Ghoda 2013.



3 thoughts on “Kala Ghoda 2013

  1. Prashant Bhardwaj says:

    I did not know you were going to be there. I had a chat with Chandan, and knew that a friend was coming over and realised it much later that you were the friend she was talking about 🙂

    Would have loved to see you there! next time maybe:)

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