Video Demo- Gold/Brown Eyes

I get a truck load of mail on whether I take art classes/ teach art. Sadly, I don’t.

I think I lack the patience to teach painting. About eight years ago I did teach history for a year in an International School here in Bangalore – grades 6-9. It was one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had 🙂
That is a whole different story though. One I will share on another occasion. Maybe.

This one is about my most enduring passion – I have been wanting to do this kind of a video demonstration for a while now, but somehow just never got around to it. I hope to make this, one in a series of demonstration videos. That is if I get enough time…..

In this video the eyes are about 80% done. The rest will get finished once the entire canvas is closer to completion. That would be the correct time for me to judge the depth/ intensity of the ‘highlights‘ and the ‘darks‘. And the entire eye will look more ‘liquid‘ once the light source is fixed and reflected light is added.
This demonstration is done using Acrylics on canvas.


Would you all like me to?

11 thoughts on “Video Demo- Gold/Brown Eyes

  1. kavithasrikanth says:

    It was magical watching you paint the eyes, especially the eyelids, from the moment of the eyelids being painted it almost looked as though those eyes are boring into you…. A perfect background score ….

    I have tried to draw eyes and would appreciate your feedback. Would really appreciate if you could go through my fb page

    It has the paintings that I do as a passion…

    Cheers and sunshine
    KaviSri (Kavitha)

  2. saranya says:

    This is just beautiful and they look so real. Its a treat to watch you bring life into the eyes. Would love to see and learn more of this kind. Thanks!

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