Design Detail – May/July 2013

The world really is a small place. I get a call from a very polite lady asking me for an interview. Jasminder and I talked for quite a while and connected over similar things, Air Force background, love of dogs, design and of course my coffee tables. That done the interview was over. A few days post that interview, my sister- in-law tells me in passing “oh! I met someone who knows of you and your work.”
I ask- “Who?”
Jasminder!! They are neighbours in the same Armed Forces Apartment complex and met by chance a few days after Jasminder and I spoke 🙂

Thank you Jasminder Maolankar from Pink Lemonade for a wonderful write-up in the May-July issue of the Design Detail magazine. But more than that for a great conversation.
I am indeed grateful for the chance to be able to speak at length about my inspiration and thought.

See the interactive version here  ( pages 78-80)


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