Femina – October 2013

My home was featured in the Femina October 2013 issue. This shoot of my studio space and the house were done almost a year ago. But for a myriad of reasons, they could not be published. Then came time to publish and I was informed that the story was now a three pager as opposed to just one. So the team needed to shoot some more. But my house in the meanwhile went through a makeover and all the colour on the walls was removed and I got a calming pristine white.
The Femina team came over for a creative re- shoot 🙂 Thank you Nidhi Nayer Kang for a wonderful write up and of course for the company over chai.

You can click on the images to read the article.

Femina-Oct2013_cover   Femina-Oct2013_1
Femina-Oct2013_2      Femina-Oct2013_3

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