The Goa Project 2014

I am off to Goa for a few days to participate in The Goa Project.

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‘The Goa Project is an ‘unconference’ of sorts, a melting pot that harnesses the collective creativity of people from different walks of life. Game changers from tech, music, science, philosophy, arts, humanities and other backgrounds come together to exchange ideas, expand their horizons, and make friends for life. There are six tracks spread over two days – Entrepreneurship, Society, Performing Arts & Music, Film, Visual Arts & Design and Fringe. This is the second edition of TGP after a successful first edition last year in March.’
The Goa Project 2014 : Feb 7-8th, 2014

I am one of seven speakers under the Visual Arts & Design track and I will be speaking on a topic very close to my heart –
A for-profit approach to guilt free fundraising – The Poonchh Collection.

You can read about the other speakers in the Visual Arts & Design track here. I am certainly in august company. With over a 100 speakers across diverse subjects and over 400 people attending the event, it promises to be a cracker of an event. Excited 🙂

I leave you with a few lines on what design stands for in the words of the curator of the Visual Arts & Design track – Vidhya Mohankumar
Design is all around us yet it’s hard to pin it down with a single definition. It makes ideas tangible, it takes abstract thoughts and inspirations and makes something useful out of it. Design is what drew you to that product, graphic, service, process, building or city. It’s also what made you buy that thing you probably couldn’t afford in the first place. That’s why its hard to unravel the mysterious force that design is. And then again, a lot of design is invisible too!
The Design track is where we’re going to concur on why design is a little bit of art, science, storytelling, advocacy, values and attitude. It’s also where we’ll be discussing why all that matters is design.”

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