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I got an email the other day from Kedar Nimkar asking to speak to me. He wanted to do a podcast related to my work. I said sure and then googled the site Audiogyan. And truth be told I got lost in listening to a few podcasts immediately.  There is a rich tapestry of podcasts over diverse topics.

This is what the ‘About’ page of the site says –

What is Audiogyan?

India has always been a rich repository of knowledge & wisdom since ancient time. In Guru–shishya tradition, all this gyan was transferred from Guru to a student in oral format. The tradeoff of that method was, lost in translation or chinese whisper of information in due course of time.

Audiogyan podcasts are mainly one to one discussions or question – answer sessions with people who have devoted their life in the field of Design, Philosophy and Arts. It’s a genuine & humble attempt to document information for furture generations.

This project is undertaken for social good, not for monetary reasons and any donations or sponsorship will be used for maintainence and charity.

We met on two separate occasions as the first time I think I totally flummoxed him on what I thought about life and my work. So it is only on the second day that we actually sat and recorded the podcast. I have been interviewed often over the years but I have to say this was one of the few times that I connected with the person I was talking to. As he was both interested and interesting. More often than not people usually are caught between finishing an interview as they have a deadline to catch and showing interest. It is just how life is today. We are all running to stand still.

Do give it a listen when you have time.  But something I want you to do immediately is just go see the list of podcasts he has on site. It is a treasure trove of information. I am sure you will go back again and again 🙂

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