Keynote Speaker – Legacy School Bangalore

Earlier this month on Saturday, September 16, 2017, I had the honour of delivering the keynote address at Chiaroscuro – Legacy School’s 5th Annual Inter-School Art Competition. It is both a competition and a festival that celebrates Art and Design and brings together budding artists and industry experts. Over the years this unique event has provided an exclusive platform for art enthusiasts from various schools across Bangalore to network, ideate, create and appreciate. The hope is to challenge them in the field of Fine Art so as to ensure learning, understanding and enhance their ability to collaborate,
The theme for this year’s event was ‘Aeonion – Timeless Art’– The indefinite evolution and progress of Art over the past, in the present and the future. It was open to students from Class sixth to twelfth. And as such I spoke about Visual Imagination, Art and Design, the significance of colour, history, mood and most importantly context. What makes Art timeless? And I left them with a few questions to answer as the day progressed.
What was amazing was that the children already knew so much. They had done research and produced artwork to the theme. It was lovely to see works that were thinking out of the box with concept and clarity of vision as opposed to flat renditions of a photograph.
I know I have been enriched by my interaction with the students that day. I leave you with some images from the event.

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