Curtain to a dress?

I got back from a much-needed break a few weeks ago. And while I did absolutely nothing the first few days, by the end I was itching to do something creative. So I made three dresses in two days! I will share them with all of you here in time.

I sort of had my ‘Sound of Music’ moment with the first one. It was made from an old faded off-white curtain because I was still trying out the pattern. An old pattern but it still needed some tweaking to make it a dress. You all know I hate wasting things. I use a lot of scrap fabric to make all sorts of things including ‘new’ clothes for me :-).


The other problem was that the sample piece was pure cotton with a very tight weave but the curtain fabric is made of a much looser weave and had a heavy drape. This meant some adjustments needed to be made with regards to sizing.


Once made the dress looked really nice and was very comfortable but problem number two reared its ugly head. The dress looked like an old curtain! So off to the dyer I went. He dyed it a beautiful blue but… yes there was problem number three now!! The threads used for stitching were color fast and did not take the blue color. So the next step was to do a decorative stitching in red with the machine but that did not do a good job of covering the white thread. So I did a very hap hazard herringbone stitch across all the visible white stitching lines. And low and behold the dress is done 🙂


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