The Mustard dress – Best out of waste

As I mentioned in the last post, I made three dresses in two days on a recent vacation. Here is dress #2. This one was made with left over fabric from a kurta (tunic) that my masi (aunt) had got tailored at some point. It is made up of a lot of cut pieces. If you look closely enough you might just find the places where the pieces are joined. Though I did try and match the print of the fabric as best as a I could.

It is a straight forward pattern.

– Two pieces of flat fabric (constructed in my case). Length is  the length you would want for your dress plus seam allowance and enough fabric to turn over a nice hem. I made mine just below knee length.
– The width is the widest part of the body plus seam allowance. This in most cases would be the hips and the bust.
– The back is a single piece of fabric with two darts center back to give a little shape.
– The front has two tiny darts to shape the bust. They come in from the side seam of the dress. The dart originates about an inch and a half below the center point of the bust on the side seam.
– It’s sleeveless so was easy to finish up. The finishing has been done with more left over fabric from past projects that were lying around 🙂
– And the best part – it has two pockets!!!

Do let me know if you would like me to share the basic sketch or pattern in a visual format. And I will be happy to do that as well…

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