Nazar Battoo’s for the KIAL Bangalore airport

My work has more often than not had an element of good luck/ keeping the faith/warding of evil. So it is no surprise that my dearest friend – Meghna Vakada – asked me to paint three  Nazar Battoo paintings for her swanky new cafe Barley and Grapes Cafe at the Bengaluru International Airport. It has branches in Sahakar Nagar and in Pheonix Mall in Whitefield as well. If you have not been there yet – I urge you to go. I love the food and dessert. And they have draught beer which is cheaper than a cup of coffee! What more can one ask for ?!

Three Nazar Battoo paintings all done and dusted. Finished them simultaneously in one day 🙂

It’s been a while since I painted in this style. It’s what I did on kettles and furniture a gazillion years ago. It is also the basis for the kind of artwork (of mine) that finds it’s way on to products like bags and skirts and jewelry.

The work on helmets and tanks for bikes has also been in this style as it lends itself well to the ‘canvas’ per se. But having stopped doing this style with some earnestness a while ago this was a welcome trip down nostalgia lane. I might just do this more often now. 🙂

The first video is a short version edited to fit just 45secs. The second version is a full 6+ minutes long. It has more details and will be helpful for those that want to see the step by step on how I did these three paintings simultaneously.


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