Perception Gap

I often look at my own work and feel that it sucks. It’s good but not good enough. So I started to look at explanations for the same. And here is what I got.

Why your art sucks (usually in your own eyes)?

It’s because of something called the ‘PERCEPTION GAP’

You create a piece. You step back and realize… it’s crap!
Because you are in ‘The Gap’

What’s that?
When we learn a new skill, we get exposed to a lot of good work and as a result develop good taste.
However our taste developes much faster than our skill.
The time period when our taste does not match our skill is called ‘The Gap’

So how does one bridge this gap?
DO NOT compare yourself with the experts in your field but to ‘yourself’ from yesterday.

There is something I wrote in 2013 on the question of What is Art. I go back to it once in a while to see if what I wrote then still resonates with me. And I can say – Yup! It still does 🙂

(Oh! And at the other end of the spectrum  also do read up on ‘Imposter Syndrome’.)

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