The way you look at it

It is said that ‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder‘.

Our attitudes about the very physical manifestation of our need to connect and communicate with another is often labeled by childhood conditioning and adult biases. Our collective morality governs our most intimate relationships and needs.

What is ‘right’? And just what is ‘wrong’? What makes it so?

Intimacy with another – of the same sex, different sex, in other words someone straight or gay. Or maybe transgender or say someone who likes it rough or slow, maybe hard or soft. What about someone who goes outside the bounds of convention to get it, I wonder? Does it make it less of an intimate bonding experience. Is it about ‘getting off’ or is it about connection for however miniscule a time. If we just get rid of accepted definitions

A chance image got me thinking. What is it? Sex? love? Fornication? Lust? Adultery? Procreation?


Is it just a simple fuck?

Aap ke nazariye pe depend kar ta hai…

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