Of Rothko and Pollock…

Continuing my series of self portraits through narrative story telling, I find myself spending a lot of time dealing with issues that crop up every once in a while. And issues that have for what ever reason been easier to sideline over the years. These next two pieces are creative cathartic pieces. I did them this afternoon while taking a break from a custom commission of Krishna/Pichwai I am working on. More on that later though. I just needed to get these out. They were taking up too much head space…

The two are to be viewed in continuation. And they have an explantion as their titles 🙂

“Was going for Rothko’s quiet emotional sophistication but I had too much to say…”

“…I thought maybe channeling Pollock would work better. But I realized I did not have much left to say.”


As I have mentioned in previous posts. I am on a journey of self-discovery. Of marking points and chapters in my life. I am also trying to document my life through a series of narrative storytelling self-portraits… You can read the various posts about my journey thus far here or just go through these three links that I think will give you some context of where I hope to take this series.

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