Homegrown – Feb 2018

I chanced upon this article quite by accident. A happy accident! What a wonderful way to start the day 🙂

Thank you Julian Manning, for the shout out in your Feb 2018 article in the HomeGrown on the Royal Enfield cafe in Goa 🙂  – “A special shout out to Aarohi Singh who killed it with a paint job he slapped on an Enfield last year’s Rider Mania.” I am mentioned as a ‘he’ instead of a ‘she’ but I am going to overlook that little nugget!

I painted this bike tank as part of The Fusion Projects collaboration with Royal Enfield. You can read about and see a video of the process involved here.

(Please click the image below to see a larger, more readable image. You can also read the original article here)

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