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The Goa Project 2014

I am off to Goa for a few days to participate in The Goa Project. ‘The Goa Project is an ‘unconference’ of sorts, a melting pot that harnesses the collective creativity of people from different walks of life. Game changers from tech, music, science, philosophy, arts, humanities and other backgrounds come together to exchange ideas, […]

It’s cold out there…

In my mind a warm hug can cure everything. Ok maybe not everything. But it sure makes hard times easier to handle.     There are a total of 5 blankets. The remaining two (not pictured) are variations of the black and white one. Can you spot the ‘Poonchh’ logo on them? 🙂 These blankets […]

Poonchh is back at 100ft – March 2013

And we are back at our favorite location in Bangalore – 100ft Boutique and Restaurant. The Poonchh collection will be available for sale for the next month or till stocks last!! So head on over. We have some old staples and some swanky new stuff. There are small totes for little kids. So they can […]

Better Interiors – Aug 2012

Thank you Ambica Sharma for a delightful write – up. It was a pleasure to talk to you, even though the conversation was fractured over so many months!! Ambica and her daughter regularly feed the dogs in their building compound 🙂 And it is Ambica who is responsible for looking after the (feeding, bathing, grooming, […]

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