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Ojus and Fluff

Ojus and Fluff 18×24 inches Approx. Acrylics on brown papered board . Fluff is getting on years now and has been feeling the effects of that old age. His mum wanted me to paint Fluff with his sibling Ojus as a reminder- a timestamp – of their time together. Added to the painting are the […]

Suchi Govindarajan

Suchi Govindarajan Approx.12×12 inches Acrylics on board papered with brown paper. . I met Suchi @suchiswriting for the first time over a dozen years ago. we became friends on Facebook and even met in person a few times. Though those meetings were ad-hoc and with other people. – Kind of by the by… But what […]

Kanika and Harsh

Kanika and Harsh 18×24 inches Acrylics on canvas I enjoyed painting this – it is certainly a departure from my usual ‘portrait’ commissions. The client asked for a ‘live painting’ spontaneous vibe. So I choose to keep everything very fluid with an impressionistic feel to the entire painting. The client sent me some reference pictures […]

Painted portraits

Acrylic on canvas 16×16 inches. Painted portraits bring a quality that is more often than not absent in ‘just’ spur-of-the-moment photographs. Even when the request is to paint as close to the photograph. I feel it is somehow ‘more personal’. Sometimes there is a very limited range of reference images to choose from. In this […]

Sriya and Vignesh

Sriya and Vignesh Approx. 16×16 inches Acrylics on canvas . This painting is of the gorgeous couple Sriya and Vignesh. My friend @ramyassharma commissioned this piece as a housewarming gift for them as she was going to their new home for the first time. I have painted for Ramya before on many occasions. And I […]

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