Memories of Diamond District

Mohit and Reena recently shifted from their Diamond District home in Bangalore to a new place in Delhi. They asked me to make a Khiladi table that would also serve to remind them of the fun times they had here in Bangalore.
I decided to make a table based on the rough architectural plan of Diamond District (DD). The central core has chess and snakes & ladders. The Main game is based around the walking path at DD.  The penalties and rewards of the game are based on various parties that they attended or hosted and also on the personalities of their friends and neighbors.  There is also a built-in ‘?’ mark based game for their four-year-old daughter.
The flip side to this table has a complete felt base with four pockets to play a modified game of snooker/pool!
The pictures are a representation of just a small slice of their memories…

Memory Table


Work in progress

4 thoughts on “Memories of Diamond District

  1. sandeeplal says:

    you are doing in your own style ..i like your Theyyam work very much. always keep this energy and dedication of luck..

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