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Hi Everyone,

You all know that I love to paint. I have also been extremely lucky in the support that I have received from all of you. And I shouldn’t really ask for more. But, I am going to. Help me. I need you to buy four of my Ganapati paintings. They are done in acrylics on canvas and have painstakingly been studded with tiny sequins for his jewellery. It was agonizingly slow work. In fact these four paintings are what started my journey two years ago- the kitsch, the bright colours, all of it started with these four paintings. All four have been framed in brocade and distressed gold frames. Ganapati is auspicious, he helps start new things, he wards of evil and he brings good luck. I have seen his magic first hand. Please help me spread some of that magic to children who truly deserve it. The paintings are being auctioned with a reserve price of INR 10,000 each.

All the proceeds from the sale of these paintings will go to Protsahan.. 100%. I promise you that!

These paintings are being sold through the Delhi Twestival.

Here is a little write up that they sent to me…


You must be wondering what’s Twestival?
We use Twitter /Social Media to interact,and converse.People like us utilised the power of Twitter,and used the medium to generate funds for an NGO and support a cause,and thus was born ‘TWESTIVAL’

I’m adding a link to help you know better about the origin of twestival.

SUPPORTING CAUSE: We’re supporting NGO Protsahan
(Last year,because it was Twestival Global – Each and every chapter supported CONCERN Worldwide,and as it’s Twestival Local this time,we’re supporting a Local NGO which is actually good,as we can see the convertibles and solid impact ourselves,which we will hopefully be able to create)

Twitter : @NGOProtsahan
Facebook : Protsahan

Fund-Raising/Cashflow : All the money received under Sponsorship,will be categorically transferred to NGO Protsahan foundation,as we’re not charging anything from the Audience,Chunk of Fund-raising is from the Supporters(Minus the Organisational Costs)

How Can You Help?
Sponsorship/Donation – There is an excellent ROI on investing in Delhi-Twestival (Explained via links in Media Section. We’ve started receiving help from some of our friends in kind,but we are in urgent need of cash to set things rolling.

Involving your Company/Business/Brand – Does your company have a social-media presence in Delhi? If not,propose them to be involved with Delhi-Twestival,so as to help them bond with the Delhi Community

Build the Community – Please support us,by following our Twitter handle,and encouraging others to do the same


Do come ahead/ share it across your facebook walls…someone might just come ahead. The funds raised will be used for the education of 59 girls from streets and slums. They’ll be used for transforming lives. Help me help them For more, call at +91-9540781011 (it’s a Delhi number).

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  1. anu shree says:

    i saw your link thro divya bhabhi’s face book posting..iam a huge fan of your painting now..its just awesome…keep it up..:)

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