Me? Alpha Dog. You? Just Dog.

That’s my friend Rakesh Shukla for you.


Jokes aside, he is one of the most ardent dog lovers that you can find. Between his office and home, he has 10 dogs. Only two are purebred, the rest are strays. He also looks after about a dozen stray dogs in our locality. He feeds them and takes care of their medical needs too. All of them have been spayed/neutered at his expense.  And he lives in hope that they can find a loving home. And if they don’t, then as he says- ‘Main hoon na’.

However, lest you think he is a saint…He has a real foul mouth on him sometimes and believes everyone is guilty until they can be proven innocent!! Which of course makes for ear reddening comments from time to time. The thought blurbs illustrate those 🙂 The dog tags depicted read- “ Bad to the Bone” which he says he is and “TWB“- the company he co-founded and runs.


I once asked him how he manages to control all the dogs… and he answered: “They know who’s the Alpha Dog “ !!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention….he is an artist himself. There are many ways to paint a portrait of a person. And I have painted a traditional one of him before. You can see it here. But, I think this one is more of him. It kind of better captures the essence of him. I sure hope he agrees 🙂 otherwise I am going to have a mighty offended friend on my hands!!!!

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