Parrots for Poornima

I first had the pleasure of interacting with Poornima during my exhibition last year in November at the Page Turners Book Store. She really liked the ‘ India Khiladi Table‘ but by the time she decided on it, it had already been sold. And she wanted me to paint another one. But I was in no mood to do any more painting for a while.  So she waited!!

I am happy to say, I just completed a custom commission table for her 🙂 This table is to be a gift from her to her friends, ( Meera Naidu and Prashant Rao) who have just recently got married. Strangely, I had already started work on this table when she wrote asking if I could incorporate a motif from their wedding card into the table somehow.  The motif was a pair of parrots in a circle. And I, of course, said: ” Sure, no problem”. I had already been working on the parrot motif on the table not knowing this connection!!!

I hope  Meera and Prashant enjoy much joy and happiness in their lives together.

3 thoughts on “Parrots for Poornima

  1. aarohi says:

    Hi Aarohi,

    It was such a pleasure working with you. It was entirely seamless, despite the fact that I was in Delhi and you were working out of Bangalore. Meera and Prashant love the table. Many thanks for everything. Looking forward to stopping by your studio when I next visit Bangalore.

    ( thats the email I got from Poornima 🙂

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