I am too sexy

On 8th March 2012, Ruchi Nadkarni was the lucky recipient of an all-access day of indulgence sponsored by the NDTV show- I am too sexy.. All Access. By her own admission, she is an animal lover with no time for fashion. NDTV gave her an All Access Experience into the world of fashion and glamour. She is one, of a young breed of driven individuals who want to make a change and help make the world a better place for our four-legged friends.

I got a call from the team at NDTV, asking if I would be willing to sponsor a goody bag for Ruchi. Given that we share a similar passion and the Poonchh Collection was all about helping strays, how could I refuse? 🙂

ArtByAarohi is happy to have been a small part of making Ruchi’s special day, a little more special. And, I hope the Tote Bag, Mobile Pouch we gave her reminds her every day that there are others in this world who appreciate her efforts.

You can see the entire episode here. Though ArtByAarohi appears at 18 min 19 sec. 🙂

And these are a few screen grabs of Ruchi, Poonchh Collection and ArtByAarohi.

WORLD FOR ALL ANIMAL CARE AND ADOPTIONS is a Non-Governmental Organization which was started in 2008, officially registered in 2010 by Ruchi Nadkarni and Taronish Bulsara.



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