Update – Poonchh Collection

This is a post that I have been waiting to write!!

The first edition of the Poonchh Collection exhibition at 100ft raised 1.2 lakhs for the ABC program and mobile hospital unit run by ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ (VoSD) for stray dogs.

It would not have been right, to write this post before the funds had been transferred to the VoSD account. They now have!

I wanted to thank each and every one of you who made it possible for me to help out, in making at least some of the stray dogs, lead a better life. VoSD is also doing additional work in helping others who need it. You can read about it here. You can also donate directly to them.

We still have a few pieces left over from the exhibition. You can see them here. Do let me know if anything interests you.

Additionally, I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you to give me feedback on the products that you bought. As you all know, this was my first foray into production of any kind. I hope to keep improving, both production quality and design as the days go by. Your input as users, would be invaluable. Please do tell me what kind of products you would be interested in and what value adds I can bring to the existing range.

And if you think I could help you with anything else please do tell me. As you all know I am all for helping out and paying it forward. Write in to me at aarohi [at] artbyaarohi [dot] com There are many exciting things on the horizon this month and I hope to share them with you all soon.

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