They are all women!! – Archana Srinivas

Of all these inspiring women online… Archana Srinivas is perhaps the one person who has had the most lasting impact on my life.

It was sometime in 2008, that I saw her blog – ‘Rang Decor‘ for the first time. And I loved it. And it was seeing how effortless she made blogging ‘appear‘ that got me thinking that I needed to start too. I wrote to Archana, and told her how much I loved her blog and how I was inspired to start my own. I owe the documentation of my journey on this blog to her. Thank you Arch 🙂

She was kind enough to post the details of my exhibition on her blog and also link to my site. That of course translated into so many more like minded people knowing I exist. Over the years Archana and I have become friends. And we have met for chai a few times. On our first meeting, she gave me a set of two prints from her ‘Black and White’ Chai images. They are gorgeous. And the next time it was a pouch of various kinds of tea 🙂 We met first at my place, then at the inimitable Chirag’s- Chaipatty teafe, at 100ft Boutique. and yesterday finally at her home.

And what a home it is. So wonderfully done up.  I felt like a kid in a candy store, looking at and finding the nooks and crannies where she does her photography.  Archana and I have one other thing in common- we love chai. And we had it in jumbo cups in her home last week. I also got to meet Priya Sebastian for the first time. But, no more on Priya here. She is scheduled for another post 🙂 Incidently, a self portrait of Priya hangs in Archana’s house. It is haunting in it’s starkness.


Archana is moving on, and going to far away lands. And I wanted to give her something that she could keep with her. Something that would remind her of me and home (India).  I painted a kettle for her :-) It has the two things that are a constant in her life and on her various blogs…chai and frangipani.

Click to enlarge

Archana is truly amazing.

She also blogs at-

A Cup of Chai…
india & i
Mallika- My Princess
Rang – The Colours of Life
rolling in sugar dust…

Head on over and have a dekho, you will be lost for a while.
Word of caution – Do it only when you have time or else be ready to lose time 🙂
Click here to read her post on our chai meeting 🙂

The images that you see, marked with her watermark are all from her blog.


16 thoughts on “They are all women!! – Archana Srinivas

  1. pRiyA says:

    Very nice post Aarohi. Made me relive the wonderful morning with you and Archana over the giant mugs of chai. And yes, what an amazing house she has and what an inspiration she has been to so many of us.

  2. Sangita Pillai says:

    Hi Aarohi, wonderful post. You can never tire reading about Archana, her beautiful house and wonderful photographs. Hers was one of the first blogs I came across, and has been one of my most favourite. We will definitely miss her ‘Indian’ pictures, but I’m sure wherever she goes and whatever she does, she will give her own unique touch to it. And yes, you have captured her favourite things on the kettle perfectly!

    • aarohi says:

      Thanks Sangita, Archana has definitely inspired a lot of us. But, the internet is a beautiful thing, we still get to stay in touch no matter what her geographical location!!

  3. Arch says:

    You have been extremely generous with your kind words:-)
    I love the little kettle that you have painted for me,it will sit next to my stove while I brew my chai and dream about India and my frangipani trees…
    Loved having you and Priya over. It was a special day!

    • aarohi says:

      @Arch and Priya- What fun that day was. Would love to meet again. Arch, if you have time before you head out, give us a shout out. My place this time 🙂

  4. Chirag says:

    Thanks Aarohi for the Chaipatty mention 🙂 I am sure you had a good time after all Priya & Archana make up for an Arty but always hale & hearty company 🙂 Next time if you could do with a little male company lemme know..

  5. Mridula says:

    hi Aarohi. i was browsing the net trying to find a kitschy kettle. i really liked the happy colours on yours, so i wanted to ask if you sell such kettles online… please drop me a mail and let me know?


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