They are all women!! – Kavita Rayirath

Kavita Rayirath and I have a strange friendship. We don’t talk/chat often. We connect only when there is something to share, I mean really share. And Kavita shares generously. Kavita blogs at ‘Indian By Design‘, and a whole host of other blogs. The list spans diverse topics – from food to movies – and she is equally adept at dealing with that diversity. And I have to tell you, she is a blogger of some might. She makes it ‘look‘ almost effortless. Do read her interview in the Pool Magazine here.

This is an image of Kavita. 

Sadly, I don’t yet have an image of Kavita and me having chai. But, it is on my ‘to do soon list ‘. I chose this particular image to put here, because to me she is like this – behind the scenes.
For an image that shows her face, click to read the Pool Interview 🙂

I first ‘reacted’ to her many years ago. When as a fresher on the web, my work was featured on her blog. ” I like what Aarohi’s done with the trunk and chair and the kettle. Her paintings though didn’t make it to the list or catch my eye, except a series of cows which was interesting.” After that my ego had taken a bit of a bashing, and I was reluctant to get in touch with Kavita.

But things happen for a reason. Kavita pulled me out of the never ending spiral I found myself in after the entire ‘Bloggers against plagiarism’ issue. I found myself hurt, and wanted to lash out and alternatively hide. She did what she does best for me. Gently guided me out of the clutter, with the help of posts and articles from across the web.  Her other blog ‘My Creative Business‘ is a mecca of information. Trust me, if you are setting up and starting anew, this is the blog to go to. It distills some of the finest the web has to offer, and gives you a relatively clutter free road map to follow. I say ‘relatively’, because you have to do some work too…read!!


The first image is from here, the second from here, and the last one from here.

These images are some that were in one of her Facebook albums. Mind you, we were already friends on Facebook. But, after going through this album… I realized, I really like this person 🙂 Any one who thinks on these lines, and appreciates this, HAS to be nice!! It also gives you an idea of how she quietly gets you to question the things around you.
My interactions with Kavita have opened up so many new possibilities for me. I have met people who maybe I would ordinarily not have met. I get to see the work of so many new accomplished people. It shows me how far I have come, and how far I still have to go. I see the world differently and I see my craft differently. But most important, is a feeling that has been reinforced- it’s OK to be frail, and it’s OK to fail, as long as I don’t give up.
And yes, everyone does not have to like everything I do 🙂
I am still OK!!

Thank you Kavita.

4 thoughts on “They are all women!! – Kavita Rayirath

  1. Ambika says:

    This is a lovely series Aarohi.Thank you for sharing all those blogs by Kavita. Am off to check them all. Looking forward to reading on many more talented women in your upcoming posts!

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