They are all women!! – Priya Sebastian

The immensely talented Priya Sebastian is next on my list of blogger friends. I had stumbled across her work a long time ago, in the pages of other bloggers posts. But for a long time, I did not go to her blog. I think part of me was daunted by the intensity and the formidable ferocity of the strokes in some of her work.

Charcoal is a difficult medium to handle. Mainly because it can go wrong pretty quickly. All that charcoal dust to handle is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is Priya’s though. 🙂


I finally met Priya at Archana’s house last week. We met like it was meant to be. Time flew. While Arch made chai in gigantic cups, Priya and I talked of what family means to us… the past, the future, continuity and change. All this in the context of the post I did on my roots. And I knew I had another friend that I connected with. And the strange thing was, she apparently thought I was very emotional and intense too. Especially in my post on the work that went into the Poonchh Collection. But truth be told I am an emotional and intense person, more so with everything connected to ‘The Poonchh Collection’. It truly comes from my heart.

Priya has heart too. You can see it in her work in the series of workshops for the children of Shishu Mandir. She connects with nature as few do. In the genesis of it all. Priya collects seed pods 🙂 And on a recent trek, I took some time out to collect a few for her. The idea was to give them to her all nicely packaged in a hand painted box. But events took over and I met her the next day. So the seed pods did go to her, but in a plain newspaper bag.

Priya is also pretty nifty with her camera. Head on over to her blog/s.
The Plum Tree 2
Big Fat Brekkie

All images of the charcoal sketches are taken from Priya’s blog. This last image shows my gift to her- Kajal’s sketches and the seed pods. It has been photographed so beautifully by her  * Sigh*

Thoughtful gifts, Seedpods and cards by Aa.

3 thoughts on “They are all women!! – Priya Sebastian

  1. pRiyA says:

    Thank you for this lovely post about me Aarohi. I think everyone who meets you comes to the same conclusions about you – warm, loving and bubbly. And indeed you are. I love your enthusiasm and energy and I am relieved I did not come across as formidably ferocious and give you a fright 😉
    I am so happy I met you. The fun and laughter you, Arch and I shared that morning will always be a part of my cherished memories.

  2. jyoti says:

    I so love your blog.First reason being your vibrant,throbbing -with-life work…my attention first drew because of your watercolours, then I saw your other work and loved it instantly.The second reason being your personality…agree with every word Priya said,infact I quietly follow everyone you have highlighted here,love their intense efforts at whatever they do…you will find me here often…I wonder if you like my watercolours!

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